University Vision

Established as a University in 2001 and named in 2003 by His Excellency the President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika, the University May 8, 1945 Guelma is a multidisciplinary training and research institution spread over 5 campuses totaling 24,000 teaching places and spread over seven faculties and 26 departments with a total of 15322 graduating students enrolled in 72 Master's courses and 56 Bachelor's courses in 2016/2017 and 393 post-graduation students. Permanent teaching staff reached 873 teachers, 20% of whom were of the highest academic standing. The documentation base of the seven faculty libraries and the central library of the University is £ 251987. The University attaches great importance to the new information and communication technologies and has an Information Systems Center and e-learning is responsible for the massive deployment of ICTs by sharing access to the Internet for all users. Also, cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit within the students is a permanent concern of the university management who has created a Center for Entrepreneurship and International Development, a University Center for Information on Employment, a Observatory of Relations and Graduate Tracking and a House of Entrepreneurship. These spaces offer students better visibility on the employability of the training courses offered by the University.

Because the University plays a central role and is at the heart of local development, several cooperation agreements have been signed with public and private institutions, local and national companies, as well as with the various chambers of crafts and employers' representations. The main purpose of these agreements is to provide practical work placements for students and to bring the world of academics closer to the socio-economic sector. Through these agreements, the University contributes through training, studies, expertise and services to local and national development and the creation of added value through the knowledge economy.

In addition, the University is open internationally and has concluded cooperation agreements with several higher education and research institutions in Arab countries, European Union countries and countries of the Americas. The University May 8, 1945 Guelma is affiliated to several international networks and is a member of various European Tempus, EramusMundus and Erasmus + programs. Through these agreements and programs, the University of Guelma encourages and promotes exchanges of students, teachers and good teaching and research practices to meet the international standard in this field.

In addition, the University has a very attractive student living environment with seven residences and two in progress totaling 13500 beds and equipped with different cultural, sports and multimedia spaces.

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